Hollow Rock Legacy: CD 2 of 2: Sandy’s Fancy

By Alan Jabbour, Sandy Bradley, Tommy Thompson

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  1. Johnny Lover’s Gone
  2. Shoes And Stockings
  3. Sally Ann Johnson
  4. Ducks In The Pond
  5. Henry Reed’s Schottische
  6. Liza Jane
    Liza Jane
  7. Shortening Bread
  8. Paddy On The Turnpike
  9. Fire On The Mountain
    Greenfield Cotillion
  10. Shooting Creek
  11. Little Brown Hand
  12. Indian Nation
  13. Peekaboo
  14. Ragged Bill

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"Hollow Rock Legacy: CD 1 of 2: The Hollow Rock String Band"


"Hollow Rock Legacy" ~ On CD for the first time 2 classic LPs of the latter-day stringband revival in a special 2-CD set. CD 1, "Hollow Rock String Band", is the second Hollow Rock String Band album, issued as a Rounder LP in 1974, with Alan Jabbour and charter Red Clay Ramblers’ Jim Watson and the late Tommy Thompson. CD 2, "Sandy’s Fancy", Flying Fish, 1981, features Alan Jabbour on fiddle, Tommy Thompson on banjo, and Sandy Bradley on piano and guitar. There are lots of Henry Reed tunes as well as others from Lee Triplett, Armin Barnett, Burl Hammons, and others — 35 tunes in all…