A Henry Reed Reunion

By Alan Jabbour, Bertram Levy and James Reed

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  1. Shoes And Stockings
  2. Jump Jim Crow
  3. Stony Point
  4. Reel In A
  5. Henry Reed’s Schottische
  6. George Booker
  7. James Reed’s Favorite
  8. Georgia Camp Meeting
  9. Shady Grove
  10. High Yellow
  11. Jawbones
  12. Peekaboo
  13. Ebenezer
  14. Frosty Morning
  15. The Girl I Left Behind Me
    I’m Going Away To Leave You, Going To Tennessee
  16. Hell Among The Yearlings
  17. Santa Anna’s Retreat
  18. Quince Dillion’s High-D
  19. Betsy
  20. Flop-Eared Mule
  21. Dean Reed’s Favorite

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“Alan Jabbour, Bertram Levy & James Reed: A Henry Reed Reunion”


The musicians are:
Alan Jabbour - fiddle
Bertram Levy - banjo & concertina
James Reed - guitar

& from Alan Jabbour:

THE PERFORMERS. My mentor Henry Reed (1884-1968) taught me these tunes and many more when I visited his home in Glen Lyn, Virginia, in 1966-67. My recordings of him, along with an accompanying essay, photographs, and musical analysis, are available on the Library of Congress website FIDDLE TUNES OF THE OLD FRONTIER: THE HENRY REED COLLECTION ( http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/hrhtml/ ).

In the 1960s I taught Henry Reed’s tunes to a group of musicians in Durham and Chapel Hill, NC. Some of us became the Hollow Rock String Band, which introduced some great Henry Reed tunes to the world with an album in 1968, just after Henry Reed passed away. Bertram Levy was a member of that band and carried the tunes off to the West Coast in 1968. He is now a doctor in Port Townsend, Washington, where he founded the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes in 1977.

James Reed learned to accompany his dad on guitar when he was a youngster in Glen Lyn, and Henry Reed carefully instructed him about the proper chords. A retired boilermaker, he now lives in Parkersburg, West Virginia. He and I have been playing together since the 1990s. We gather every Labor Day weekend at Dean Reed’s house in Rich Creek, VA, for a musical reunion with other members of the family. On Labor Day weekend in 2000 I took Bertram with me, and the rest is – well, music.