Live in Lorient

By Doolin’

Two comments

Excellent Album!

It’s possible to hear the whole album through Deezer.. awesome album btw.

1 Tatter Jack Walsh / Boys Of The Town / Maid At the Well (jigs)
all trad.
2 A Night At The Galway (song)
Wilfried Besse
3 Charming Pride (song)
4 Green Mountain / Reconciliation Reel / Love At The Endings / Tom Ward’s Downfall (reels)
all trad.
5 Times Square Moods / The Broadway Polka (polkas)
Jacob Fournel
6 When We Will Be Married (song)
7 Congress Reel / O’Rourke’s (reels)
all trad.
8 Bodhrán Solo
Josselin Fournel
9 Rocky Road To Dublin (song)
10 Gisèle’s Mazurka (mazurka)
Nicolas Besse
11 Exile / Reel Of Mullinavat (slip jig & reel)
all trad.
12 As I Roved Out (song)
13 Eilleen Curran / Pressed For Time / High Reel (reels)
trad. / Gordon Duncan / trad.
14 Country Love (song)
lyrics: Karen Whitely, music: Wilfried Besse
15 Dinkey’s / Boys Of Malin (reels)
all trad.

Not the Broadway Hornpipe…Track 5

This song belongs to the set ”NYC Polkas”..