Stonemason’s Daughter

By Kierah

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  1. Galileo’s
    Finally Fourty
    Waves Of Rush
  2. Tuttles
    Devil’s Dream
    Flora MacDonald’s
    The Auld Fiddler
  3. A Street Called Winter
    ‘Tis Nothin’Atall
    Paddy Fahey’s #14
  4. That Dang Tune
    Paddy Ryan’s Dream
  5. Climbing The Chief
    Trace Of Twiss
  6. James McEwen Cairns
    Oh As I Was Kissed Yest’reen
    The Plagiarist
    Dillon Brown
  7. Miss Ferguson Of Raith
    I Buried My Wife And Danced On Her Grave
    Mossy Rock Road
  8. Aunt Sue’s Coming To Town
    Semiahmoo Trail
    Granville Island Espresso
  9. Ribbons & Lacey
    Blas 2012
    Pachelbel’s Frolics
  10. Old John’s
    Gander In The Pratie Hole
    Is Cumadhm Liom
  11. Bo Mhin Na Toitean (John Doherty’s March)
    The Caledonian Hunt
    Miss Sarah Drummond Of Perth
    The Wired Monk
  12. Kilnamona
    Ships In Full Sail
    Ger The Rigger
    The Blackthorne Stick
    The Exile Of Erin
    The Humours Of Tulla

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Kierah’s Collection - Book of Original Fiddle Tunes

The original tunes found on “Stonemason’s Daughter”, “A Fiddle Affair” and “Irish Madness” plus many more unrecorded tunes are found in Kierah’s book of tunes. Beautifully written with all the guitar chords.

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Track 12 is familiar.

It was recorded with Martin’s blessing and right from my heart!

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Devil’s Dream

The Devil’s Dream in track #2 is not the typical tune played by most fiddlers. It is a Donegal tune 1st recorded by Donegal fiddler James Byrne and very different from the typical North American tune.

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