On A Single Wing

By Emerald

  1. Carillon
    Bith Anois
  2. Single Wing
  3. Moccasin Shuffle
    La Fleur Du Mondragore
    Le Ril Des Forgerons
    Da New Rigged Ship
  4. Free And Easy
    The Humours Of Westport
  5. The Chandelier
    Under The Archway
  6. Port Na BPúcaí
    What Does The Deep Sea Say?
  7. Ladybird
    Mary Custy’s
  8. We Rigged Our Ship
    Green Fields Of Glentown
    Paddy Fahy’s
  9. President Richard Milhous Nixon’s
  10. Roseville Fair
  11. Conor Tully’s
    The Flooded Road To Glenties
    Lose The Head
  12. I Really Had A Ball Last Night