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A group of musicians around Enniscorthy, Co.Wexford brought out this CD recording around 2003, I think. Not sure if it ever made it much further than local music shops. The four musicians featured are Brigid Sinnott (box) Terry Corcoran (singer & guitar), Patrick Kavanagh (fiddle) & Padraig Sinnott (pipes, flute & whistle). Various guests include Carl Hession, Nicola Geddes, Leslie Dunne, Niall Lacey and Bernadette Murray/Ryan. I think Padraig is probably best known of above as he went on some CCE tours, I think! Some notes:

The Congress/The Convenience/The Scholar
My Ballingarry Lady - waltz written by John Whelan
Make or Break Harbour - song written by Stan Rogers
Gypsy Davey - song
Beautiful Blackwater/The Wexford Hornpipe - first written by John Whelan
The Streams of Bunclody - song, good strong version
A Grandaughters Dream - waltz written by Carl Hession
As I Roved Out - song
The Frieze Britches/The Lark in the Morning
Braes of Balquidder - song
The Night They Wounded Ireland - song written by Andy Stewart
Cuchulainn’s Lament - written by Davy Spillane

All song lyrics included in the liner notes.

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2 Andy Stewarts - important difference.

Track 11 was written by Andy M. Stewart, formerly of "Silly Wizard", and whom I went to school with, in Blairgowrie in the early 1970s. If you miss out that middle initial, the mistaken assumption is often made that it was written by the "tartan" entertainer Andy Stewart, of "Scottish Soldier" fame. Never were 2 singers with the same name so different !

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