A Way for Ireland

By The Castle Céilí Band and 1691

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  1. Lucy Campbell
  2. The Red Knickers
  3. The First House In Connaught
    The Copper Plate
  4. Down The Broom
    The Morning Dew
    The Bucks Of Oranmore
  5. Rinne Me Smaointeadh Im Intinn
  6. The Butcher’s March
    Gan Ainm
  7. The Banks Of Claudy
  8. The Tempest
  9. Sonny Brogan’s Favourite
  10. Babes In The Wood
    Des O’Connor
  11. The Lark’s March
  12. Bantry Bay
  13. The Green Groves Of Erin
    The Flowers Of Red Hill
  14. Tá Mo Chmeamnnas Deanta
  15. Peadar Clancy’s
    Kesh Mountain
    Coleman’s Cross
  16. The Coolin
  17. Once I Had A True Love
  18. Sonny’s
    The Foxhunter’s
    Lucky In Love
  19. The Kid On The Mountain
    Hardiman The Fiddler
  20. Connemara Stocking
    Tear The Calico
  21. Tomin O’Dea’s
  22. One Starry Night
  23. The Widow’s Lament
  24. An Phis Fhliuch
  25. The Battle Cry Of Munster

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Great collection

This is a compilation CD issued about 1998, sub titled “Irish Traditional Pub Music” and featuring the Castle Céilí Band & Sixteen Ninety One. I’d guess the original tracks were on vinyl. Looking at the title and presentation, I’d suspect it was aimed both at the tourist market and also maybe background music for pubs looking for a bit of Irish trad.

It’s a fine selection. I think anyway and a nice blend of tune and song. Lovely version of The Banks of Claudy by Triona Ní Dhomnaill, I think is singing.

The Castle Céilí Band seemed to include: Fiddles: Sean Keane, John Dwyer, John Kelly, Joe Ryan
Flutes: Michael Tubridy, Mick O Connor
Accordion: Paddy O’Brien
Piano: Bridie Lafferty
Drums: Bernard Carey

Sixteen Ninety-One seems to have been a group and included:
Accordion: Peter Browne
Fiddle: Charlie Lennon, Tommy Peoples?
Flute: Matt Molloy
Vocals: Triona Ní Dhomnaill, ?

Others listed are Mick O’Connor and Liam Weldon, one might be a singer.

Here’s a list of the tracks on my CD but I see other versions may not have The Coolin. Seems to be available on iTunes etc. Some tracks are misnamed and incomplete - I’ll try and sort out in due course.

Lucy Campbell - Sixteen Ninety-One
The Red Knickers - Sixteen Ninety-One
The First House in Connaugh/The Cooper Plate - Sixteen Ninety-One
Down the Broon Morning Dew Bucks of Oran More - Castle Céilí Band
Rinne Me Smaointeadh/Im Intinn - Sixteen Ninety-One
Butchers March/Gan Ainm - Castle Céilí Band
The Banks of Claudy - Sixteen Ninety-One
Tempest - Castle Céilí Band
Sonny Brogan’s Favourite/Sandmount - Castle Céilí Band
Babes in the Wood/Des O’Connor - Castle Céilí Band
The Larks March - Castle Céilí Band
Bantry Bay/O’Callaghan’s - Castle Céilí Band
The Green Groves of Erin/The Flowers of Red Hill - Sixteen Ninety-One
Ta Mo Chmeamnas Deanta - Sixteen Ninety-One
Peadar Clancy’s/Kesh Mountain/Coleman’s Cross - Castle Céilí Band
The Coolin - Castle Céilí Band
Once I Had a True Love - Sixteen Ninety-One
Sonny’s Mazurka/Gan Ainm/Gan Ainm - Castle Céilí Band
Kid On the Mountain/Hardiman the Fiddler - Castle Céilí Band
Connemara Storking/Jackson’s/Tear the Calico - Castle Céilí Band
Tomin Adea - Castle Céilí Band (reels)
One Starry Night - Sixteen Ninety-One
The Widow’s Lament - Sixteen Ninety-One
The Virgin Mary - Sixteen Ninety-One
The Battle Cry of Munster/O’Donohues March - Castle Céilí Band

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The Coolin is credited to the Castle Céilí Band, it’s fiddle - maybe Joe Ryan?

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Sixteen Ninety-One

Should have done my homework first! Sixteen Ninety-One were said to be the precursor of the Bothy Band, and were Tommy Peoples, Triona Ní Dhómhnaill, Peter Browne, Matt Molloy & Liam Weldon. It must be the latter who sings The Red Knickers etc on above. Peter Browne is a piper in this group I think.

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Sixteen Ninety-One 1691

Thanks Kenny, I searched for “Sixteen Ninety-One” and variations, didn’t think of 1691!! This compilation CD seems to have all the tracks from the original recording, just varied the order. Presumably the Castle Céilí Band tracks are from one of their recordings - only one listed here and it’s not this.

Also presumably, the name 1691 derives from the Treaty of Limerick and Battle of Aughrim in Galway etc.

Classy stuff, regardless.

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on Spotify under Irish Traditional Pub Music

French Connection

Thanks Scutcher, saw there was a French connection there somewhere but couldn’t quite figure it out. Once you look past the twee cover and title, I think this is a fine album and recommended for anyone’s collection.

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Re: A Way for Ireland

“on Spotify under Irish Traditional Pub Music” - Paddy Joyce , 6 years ago.
24 of the 25 tracks listed above can now be bought on “iTunes” for £8.99.