You’re Standing In My Light

By Donnybrook and Friends

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  1. The Pigeon On The Gate
    Father Kelly’s
  2. Bright Blue Rose
  3. She Moved Through The Fair
  4. The King Of Ballyhooly
  5. The Concertina
    The Virginia
    The Mountain Road
  6. Once In A Very Blue Moon
  7. Galway’s Grey Hillside
    Red Haired Boy
  8. My Darling Asleep
    Pull The Knife And Stick It Again
    Tripping Up The Stairs
  9. Black Jack Davy
  10. Men Of Aran
    Mrs. Crehan’s
  11. Caledonia
  12. I Will Give My Love An Apple
    Gan Ainm
    Gan Ainm
    The Merry Blacksmith
    Gan Ainm
  13. Hard Times

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Donnybrook from Chicago

CD released 1999 as far as I can see by a group of musicians from Chicago. Comprising: Sean Ryan (pipes, flute, whistle), Davey Arwine (banjo etc), Liz Arwine (vocal), Jim Dewan (guitar etc), Chris Ryan (fiddle), Jeff Morello (bodhrán), Jen Whiting (piano), Tony Janacek (guitar), Brendan McKinney (highland pipes), Pat Broaders (bouzouki), Charlie Madigan (vocals, guitar), Jackie Moran (dumbek), Una McGlew (fiddle), Steve West (whistle), Billy Knox (guitar), Kathleen Keane (whistle), Carol Kearney (vocal), Mick Duggan (cello). The first half dozen seem to be the Donnybrook contingent and the rest their friends or brawlers!

A mixture of tunes and songs - typical USA session repertoire of a sort??
Pigeon On The Gate/Father Kelly’s/Castlekelly
Bright Blue Rose - song
She Moved Through The Fair - pipe tunes
The King Of Ballyhooly - song
The Concertina/The Virginia/The Mountain Road
Once In A Very Blue Moon - song
Galway’s Grey Hillside/Red Haired Boy - song
My Darling Asleep/Pull The Knife Out And Stick It In Again/Tripping Up The Stairs
Black Jack Davy - song
Men Of Aran/Mrs.Creehan’s - reels
Caledonia - song
I Will Give My Love An Apple - song, jig, reels
Hard Times - song

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Bothy band influence

Real driving kinda rhythm on the tunes - Bothy band style.

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Would "Mrs. Creehan’s" [ Track 10 ] = "Mrs. Crehan’s" ?

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Yep, that’s it alright.

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