Easter Snow

By Seamus Tansey

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Easter Snow

Temple Records, 1996.

Seamus Tansey is considered a good example of the Sligo flute playing tradition, which is very rhythmic.

I think what i love most about this album is the clarity of Tansey’s playing, the fact that you can hear perfectly every single note. He never seems to do anything wrong, and the energy in his playing is a great inspiration.

The title track is very beautiful; it’s one of the slow airs in the album (the other is Staker Wallace). Here, even the slow airs burst with energy.

Tansey’s liner notes are also a pleasure to read, as he explains each tune and the musicians that are connected to it.

he is an awesome player -saw him in galway on saturday night playing a gig at ‘the listeners session’ in the crane…very good indeed.

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Seamus Tansey

Supposedly, this is not his best album, and he’s even tried to kill it.

Harry Bradley recommends “The Best of Seamus Tansey”, if you can find it.
There is a new 3-CD collection also, called “The Phantom Shadows of a Connaught Fire”, which is getting great reviews.

He is a player of great skill. But he uses so much high octave stuff. Its not bad exactly, but if he played in the lower register a bit more (which he is well able to do by the way!) it would be more pleasing.

Amazing virtuosity. I agree with you about the high octave thing though.

The guitar’s out of tune, especially in Track 8.