Harping On

By Kathleen Loughnane

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  1. Maries’ Welcome
    The Queen Of The Rushes
  2. The Queen Of The West
    Eleanor Plunkett
  3. Bright City
    Margaret O’Carroll
  4. Loftus Jones
  5. Chaconne In G
    The Sandhopper
  6. Bean Dubh An Ghleanna
  7. Efterkalken
    Ben Hill
  8. Aisling An Oigfhear
    The Derry Air
  9. Grainne’s
    The Wheels Of The World
  10. Lament For Ó Domhnaill
    The Three Sea Captains
  11. Martin Mulhaire’s
    The Blacksmith’s Daughter
  12. Lúcháir An Léinn

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Harping On

CD of harp music released in 2002 by Kathleen Loughnane, she had a previous release Affairs of the Harp in 1997. Kathleen seems to be based in Galway but originally from Nenagh in Co.Tipperary. Appears here with friends: Seamus Begleg, Mary Bergin, Catriona Cannon, Cormac Cannon, Alec Finn, Martina Goggin, Jimmy Higgins, Jacqueline McCarthy, Brian McGrath, Sean Ryan, Sharon Shannon and Dearbhaill Standún. Some notes:

Maries’ Welcome/The Queen Of The Rushes - harp piece & jig
The Queen Of The West/Eleanor Plunkett - hornpipe, air
Bright City/Margaret O’Carroll - waltzes
Loftus Jones - harp piece, Carolan?
Chaconne In G/The Sandhopper - Handel & slip jig
Bean Dubh An Ghleanna - air
Efterkalken/Ben Hill - Swedish tune & hornpipe
Aisling An Oigfhear/The Derry Air - airs
Grainne’s/The Wheels Of The World - jigs
Lament For Ó Domhnaill/The Three Sea Captains - air & set dance
Martin Mulhaire’s/The Blacksmith’s Daughter - reels
Lúcháir An Léinn - march, jig & air

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