Irish Jigs & Reels

By Various Artists

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Irish Jigs & Reels

Compilation CD issued 2011 by Demon Music. Some details:

Doherty’s Reel/Paddy Ryan’s Dream/McGinnely’s Reel - Waxies Dargle
Father O’Flynn/Irish Washerwoman/The Blackberry Blossom - Waxies Dargle
Dashing White Sergeant/The Rose Tree/Donald Dunn - The Glencastle Sound
Drunken Parson/Shannon Bells/The Maid On The Green - The Glencastle Sound
Bennachie Sunrise/Willies Trip To Toronto/I Buried My Wife And I Danced On Her Grave/Out Of The Ocean -Waxies Dargle
Atholl Highlanders - Peter Miln & Daniel James
Wi’A Hundred Pipers/Athernie Lodge/Jackson’s Jig - The Glencastle Sound
Lochnager/Back Tae Bonnie Scotland - The Glencastle Sound
The Blackthorn Stick/Kesh Jig - Peter Miln & Daniel James
Drowsy Maggie/Cooley’s Reel/Untitled Reel - Peter Miln & Daniel James
The Banshee/The Roscommon Reel - Peter Miln & Daniel James
Cumberland Reel/Rosin’ The Bow - The Glencastle Sound
Devil Amongst The Tailors/Speed The Plough - Peter Miln & Daniel James
Pipe Major Alan Walker/Irene Meldrum’s Welcome - The Glencastle Sound
Swallow’s Tail - Waxies Dargle
Ships Are Sailing/Morning Dew - Peter Miln & Daniel James

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