Irish Jigs & Reels

By Various Artists

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  1. Doherty’s
    Paddy Ryan’s Dream
  2. Father O’Flynn
    The Irish Washerwoman
    The Blackberry Blossom
  3. Dashing White Sergeant
    The Rose Tree
    Donald Dunn
  4. Drunken Parson
    Shannon Bells
    The Maid On The Green
  5. Bennachie Sunrise
    Willie’s Trip To Toronto
    I Buried My Wife And Danced On Her Grave
    Out Of The Ocean
  6. The Atholl Highlanders
  7. With A Hundred Pipers
    Athernie Lodge
  8. Lochnagar
    Back Tae Bonnie Scotland
  9. The Blackthorn Stick
    The Kesh
  10. Drowsy Maggie
    Gain Ainm
  11. The Banshee
    The Roscommon
  12. Cumberland
    Rosin The Bow
  13. Devil Amongst The Tailors
    Speed The Plough
  14. Pipe Major Alan Walker
    Irene Meldrum’s Welcome
  15. Swallow’s Tail
  16. The Ships Are Sailing
    The Morning Dew

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Irish Jigs & Reels

Compilation CD issued 2011 by Demon Music. Some details:

Doherty’s Reel/Paddy Ryan’s Dream/McGinnely’s Reel - Waxies Dargle
Father O’Flynn/Irish Washerwoman/The Blackberry Blossom - Waxies Dargle
Dashing White Sergeant/The Rose Tree/Donald Dunn - The Glencastle Sound
Drunken Parson/Shannon Bells/The Maid On The Green - The Glencastle Sound
Bennachie Sunrise/Willies Trip To Toronto/I Buried My Wife And I Danced On Her Grave/Out Of The Ocean -Waxies Dargle
Atholl Highlanders - Peter Miln & Daniel James
Wi’A Hundred Pipers/Athernie Lodge/Jackson’s Jig - The Glencastle Sound
Lochnager/Back Tae Bonnie Scotland - The Glencastle Sound
The Blackthorn Stick/Kesh Jig - Peter Miln & Daniel James
Drowsy Maggie/Cooley’s Reel/Untitled Reel - Peter Miln & Daniel James
The Banshee/The Roscommon Reel - Peter Miln & Daniel James
Cumberland Reel/Rosin’ The Bow - The Glencastle Sound
Devil Amongst The Tailors/Speed The Plough - Peter Miln & Daniel James
Pipe Major Alan Walker/Irene Meldrum’s Welcome - The Glencastle Sound
Swallow’s Tail - Waxies Dargle
Ships Are Sailing/Morning Dew - Peter Miln & Daniel James

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