Live at Blakes

By Carly Blain and Graeme Armstrong

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Carly Blain and Graeme Armstrong: Live at Blakes

Released in 2013. Carly Blain (fiddle) and Graeme Armstrong (guitar, vocals)
1. Choppy Waters (Carly Blain)/Jessie Smith (trad)/Singing Stream (Niall Vallely)
2. Jinking Mermaid (D McLaughlin)/Pinicle Ridge (R Peppe)
3. Beads & Feathers (S Wright) [probably songwriter Sandy Wright from Dundee]
4. Leire’s Welcome To Cozac (Phil Cunningham)/Farewell To Whalley Range (Michael McGoldrick)/Alasdair Incident (S Partridge)
5. Folky Gibbon (G Firth)/Amy’s Ferret (K Szifris)/Shetland Turtle (Calum Macrimmon)