Peter & Wendy

By Johnny Cunningham

Added by Kenny .

  1. Two Is The Beginning Of The End
    On These Magic Shores
  2. Nana’s Walkabout
  3. Memories To Bed
  4. Darling’s
  5. Star Lullaby
  6. Shadow Dance
  7. Stories To Tell
  8. Blair Drummond
    The Cairdin’ O’t
    Lexy McAskill
  9. Cutting Bracken
  10. Pirates !
  11. The Crocodile Tango
  12. The Wendy House
  13. The Wolves Of Netherland
  14. Mermaids
  15. Neverbird
  16. Tinkerbell’s Warning
  17. Light That Beauteous Flame
  18. Gan Ainm
    The Ale Is Dear
  19. Lost Boys Lament
  20. Two Is The Beginning Of The End

Three comments

Johnny Cunningham…

I came across this CD in Singapore 8 years ago. It turned out that it was not legally available for sale in the UK because of licensing problems with the owners of the copyright of “Peter Pan” by J.M.Barrie. The CD consists of the music to accompany a puppet production of the “Peter Pan” story by the “Mabou Mines” puppet theatre group. Nearly all of the music was composed and arranged by the late Johnny Cunningham [RIP].
Musicians were :
Johnny Cunningham - fiddle, vocals
Seamus Egan - whistles, flute, bodhran
Susan McKeown - vocals
Jay Ansill - Celtic harp, mandolin
Larry Campbell - guitar
Jamshied Sharifi - keyboards, percussion
Mick McAuley - accordion
Ben Wittnam - percussion
Charlie Giordano - accordion

The full show was brought over to the Edinburgh Festival about 3 or 4 years ago, and I made a point of going to see it. An absolutely brilliant show. The musicians were brought over from Ireland, and included Alan Kelly, Steph Geremia, Tola Custy and Laoise Kelly.
The CD is superb, and features some of Johnny’s best work, in my opinion. The opening and closing track is the air “A Whistle On The Wind”, which was recorded by Joannie Madden, and must have been re-named for the show.