The Mirthical Reel

By Steve Mulhern And Ian Laws

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  1. Catherine Dianne
    Mackerel For Breakfast
  2. The Mirthical
  3. Will On The Hill
  4. Wendy Ann
  5. The Golden Castle
    Bobby Casey’s
  6. A Day At The Races
  7. Mo Gras Mo Dhia
  8. The Broken Pledge
    Mother And Child
    Toss The Feathers
  9. A Present For Helen
    Baile Mi Fhaoite
  10. The Rose Of Cooley
    Laura’s Fancy
  11. Tam O’Lin
    The Dancer
    The Western Ocean
  12. Moodswing
  13. Bheadh Fhios Agat Amhain
  14. Buy Broom Besoms
    Dance To Your Daddy
  15. Along The Quays
    Bohar Bui
    Around The Campanile

Four comments

South London fiddle/guitar duo present some wonderfully pensive material!

Contact Aidan Crossey for details.


Any explanation for the title track’s name?


The tune is like a bubbling-up of good humour, a chucklesome tune to say the least!

Mirthical Reel

By Steve Mulhern and Ian Laws
Re-released on Prestige record label and now
available in shops and on Amazon
Still one of my favourite records
And for those of you who read Italian, here’s a review
Regrettably, cannot provide any sound clip but Aidan gave a very good write up on first release years ago.

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