A Celtic Tapestry

By Various Artists

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  1. Never Be The Sun
  2. Maggie
  3. Scorn Not His Simplicity
  4. Aisling Gheal
  5. Táimse Im’ Chodladh
  6. Tá Mé ‘mo Shui
  7. Mo Ghile Mear
  8. The Pearl
  9. Neansai Mhíle Grá
  10. Bantry Girl’s Lament
  11. The Wounded Hussar
  12. The Rocks Of Bawn
  13. Farewell To Glasgow

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Celtic compilation

Compilation of songs and airs issued by Shanachie in 1996. Standard stuff for this type of recording aimed at the easy listening market: Details:

Never Be The Sun - Dolores Keane
Maggie - De Danann
Scorn Not His Simplicity - Phil Coulter
Aisling Gheal - Mary Bergin
Táimse Im’ Chodladh - Planxty
Tá Mé ‘mo Shui - Sean Nua
Mo Ghile Mear - El McMeen
The Pearl - Silly Wizard
Neansai Mhíle Grá - Clannad
Bantry Girl’s Lament - Martin Simpson
The Wounded Hussar - Tony MacMahon
The Rocks Of Bawn - Arcady
Farewell To Glasgow - Seamus Egan

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