The Very Best of Will Starr 1945 to 1951

By Will Starr

  1. The Atholl Highlanders
    The Rakes Of Kildare
    Teviot Bridge
    Roaring Jelly
  2. Johnson’s
    High Level
    The Harvest Home
  3. Martelette
  4. The Jaqueline
  5. 79th Farewell To Loch Katrine
    The Queen’s Welcome To Invercauld
    Lovatt Scouts
  6. Hills O’ The Clyde
    Bonnie Strathyre
    The Auld Hoose
  7. Dashing White Sergeant
    Rachel Rae
    My Love’s She’s But A Lassie Yet
  8. Circassian Circle
    The Flowers Of Edinburgh
  9. The Cuckoo
  10. The Bluebird
  11. Household Brigade
  12. Serenade
  13. Happy Hours
  14. The Lass O’ Bon Accord
  15. Bluebells Of Scotland
  16. Kate Dalrymple
  17. The Ash Grove
  18. Londonderry
  19. There’s A Long Long Trail
  20. Under The Double Eagle (Wagner)
  21. Bonnie Strathearn
    Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair
    Westering Home
  22. Hamilton House
    Dumfries House
    A Canty Old Man
  23. Woodland Flowers
  24. Kenmuir’s On An Away
    Peter Baillie’s Wife
    Teviot Bridge
  25. Glasgow Highlanders
    Stirling Castle

Two comments

Will Starr

This very “traditional” set of recordings may not be to many a modern sessioneer’s taste, but if you get a chance to listen to this try and see beyond the Scottish “Schmaltz” setting and listen to Starr’s exquisite playing. You might even pick up some great tunes - I counted a total of 47 tunes! Thoroughly enjoyable.

Can be listened to on spotify