Yankee Dreams

By Frank Ferrel And Friends

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  1. Southwest Bridge
    Paddy On The Turnpike
    Give The Fiddler A Dram
  2. Hare’s Ear
    Grey Ghost
    Quill Gordon
  3. Dave MacNeil
    The Maid Behind The Bar
    Robert Stubbert
  4. The Eagle’s Whistle
    The Full Rigged Ship
    The New Rigged Ship
  5. Southern Melodies
    The Polo March
    Polka From Angus Chisholm
  6. To An Old Rose
  7. Done Gone
    The Old Cuckoo
  8. Arthur’s Seat
    Eugene Straton
    The Banks
    Madame Neruda
  9. Erin
    The Saint Lawrence River
    Oliver Trembalay’s
  10. Mathematicians
    City Of Savannah
    The American Rifle Team
  11. John McGann
    Peter Barnes
    Compliments To The Boys Of The Lough
  12. Stacks Of Barley
    Bantry Bay
    Princess Royal
    Angus Chisholm’s Irish
  13. Arthur Finley
  14. Maple Leaf Two-Step
    Point Au Pic
  15. Compliments To The Browns Of Dingwall
    Winston Tune
    MacKenzie And MacPhee
  16. Reel Due Ting Tang

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Frank Ferrel ~ a little bit of Frank via YouTube

Master fiddle showcase [13 of 16]: Frank Ferrel - part 1

Master fiddle showcase [14 of 16]: Frank Ferrel - part 2

A benefit concert for Maine Fiddle Camp at the Blue Goose dance Hall in Northport, Maine on May 1st 2010.
Maine Fiddle Camp
Montville, Maine, U.S.A.