The Dursey Sound

By John Dwyer

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A recently recorded CD (2012) of mostly original compositions by West Cork composer and fiddle player John Dwyer.

Many of John’s tunes have already been absorbed into the tradition, as recognised by his winning of the Gradam Ceoil TG4 2010 Composer of the Year Award.

He is joined on this recording by young musicians Elaine Hogan (harp), Edel Fox (concertina) and Lia & Neil Byrne (fiddles).

The accomanying booklet includes notes of the inspiration behind each composition, and a forward by Mick O’Connor.

It is available through Custys, Claddagh Records and All Celtic Music.

Little Katie Taylor

The second reel of Track 9, listed here as “Three Scones Of Boxty” should be “Little Katie Taylor”
Refer to comments in the link below

Re: The Dursey Sound

Does anyone have a copy of this (for sale or otherwise)? It appears to be sold out and/or out of print at all the above mentioned locations (and everywhere else I looked).

Re: The Dursey Sound - Catherine McEvoy’s reel

I can’t find John Dwyer’s version of “Catherine McEvoy’s” reel (track 8) of The Dursey Sound. I have looked hard for this tune - it does not seem to be the same tune as the “Catherine McEvoy’s” reel on TheSession (linked in the album’s track list). I am wondering if it has another name?
Below is my first draft of the ABC of the first two parts. The third part is particularly tricky. Before I continue this, can anyone point me to another recording or the music notation?
X: 1
T: Catherine McEvoy
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|GBEG DEGB|e2 ede2f|gedg edBA|BGEF G3 D:|
|BEEE DEEE |B2ede3f |gedB edBA|1ABEF G3 A|2ABEF G3 ed:|