Bosca Bideach

By Micheal Darby O Fatharta

  1. Winnie Hayes’
  2. The Durrow
    Mhairtin Sheamuis’
    The Tulla
  3. P.J. Hayes’
    Gan Ainm
  4. The Lark In The Morning
    The Hole In The Boat
  5. The Beautiful Sycamore
    The Bucks Of Oranmore
  6. The Tuamgraney
    The Cameron Highlander
  7. Three Little Drummers
    Seamus Connolly’s
  8. George White’s
    Swinging On The Gate
  9. Johnny Cope
  10. The Salamanca
    Joe Mhaire Mhicilin
  11. The Geese In The Bog
    The Grouse On The Bog
  12. Bunker Hill
    The Silver Spear
  13. An August Wedding
  14. Drowsy Maggie
    Toss The Feathers
    The Killavil

Two comments

Lovely playing

Simple hypnotic music on the one-row melodeon.
Definitely one for the collection.

Re: Bosca Bideach

I was very fortunate to find a friend who burned a copy for me, (as it is long out of print). When I wanted to learn to play the one-row melodeon, many people told me, “this is the CD to learn from” they’re advice was spot on. It’s not only a great example of mastery of the instrument, but it is also a CD you can listen to, forever! Top 5 on my desert island list.