The Green Bunch Of Joy

By Dermot Rafferty, Emily Rafferty, Seamus Sands

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  1. McKenna’s
  2. Henry Savage’s Barn Dance
    Kerry Mills
  3. Paddy Rafferty’s
  4. The Rocks Of Pleasure
    I’ll Follow You Over The Mountain
  5. The Boyne Water
    The White Cockade
  6. The Scotch Grove
    Toss The Feathers
    The Dictates Of Love
  7. Carey’s
    If Ever I Marry I’m The Son Of A Whore
  8. Irish Cry
  9. Lord Kelly’s
    The Blacksmith’s Daughter
  10. Madam Bonaparte
    The Sweets Of May
  11. The Wild Geese
  12. The Downfall
    The Cottage In The Grove
  13. Betty Black
  14. The Dawning Of The Day
    Patrick’s Day
  15. Green Bunch Of Joy
    The Fife
    Scotch Mary

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Dermot Rafferty - "The Green Bunch Of Joy"

I bought this CD at the Willie Clancy week 4 weeks ago, without knowing anything about Dermot Rafferty, but it has a photo of a flute on the front cover, and the "sub-title" is "Traditional Music from Armagh and Down".
"The Green Bunch of Joy" title refers to "the instrument bag carried by musicians", presumably in the Counties of Down and Armagh.
I love the music and the playing on this CD. Dermot is joined by various members of his family on flutes on some tracks, and there is a great contribution by Seamus Sands on fiddle. The tunes are played with no accompaniment whatsoever.
The sleeve notes say - "Our aim is not to re-create the past, but to celebrate it, and hopefully to bring alive some old tunes and pass them on in the hope that others can enjoy and play them too".
Amen to that.
I have a new favourite tune - the 5-part "Betty Black" which is " a dance which was once popular in South Armagh".
I thoroughly recommend this recording - my kind of music, and "Longnote" - if you see this, get it. You’ll love it !

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I have to admit to having had a bit of curiousity about the second tune on track 7 !

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Sounds good

That’s a nice recommendation, Kenny - sounds like good honest music.

Have you any contact details for Dermot or whoever sells the CD? Seems to be only available as mp3 download on casual search of the web. Maybe there’s an email or address on it?

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If Ever I Marry I’m A Son Of A Wh__re

I believe that’s how it’s spelled (with two separate underlines) in O’Farrell’s. It’s a nice tune, if it’s the same as the one in that book.


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"Dermot Rafferty, Emily Rafferty, Seamus Sands: The Green Bunch Of Joy"

Longing for an earful of this, a fondness for Armagh, I had no luck what so ever in finding it in CD form, and, alas, his website is no more. My interests were particularly peaked by finding out he’d recorded "Betty Black", a tune and dance I’d collected from several sources in Ulster. I stumbled across this entry while fighting with recovering data from a few faulty hard drives, and also doing a search for what I had on that particular tune. If anyone knows where I can score this CD, please, please, please let me know. I’m also wanting to see what kind of notes have been given for this selection, especially tracks 2 & 13.

Having caught and appreciated the usual fragments of a listen online, here’s hoping Dermot’s flute is still entertaining and inspiring others live…