International Friendship of the Fiddle

By Ron Gonnella

  1. Kelvin Grove
    Glasgow Highlanders
    Murdoch McPherson’s March
  2. The Master Of Barga
    Campbell’s Road
    The High Bridge
  3. Mrs. Jamieson’s Favourite
    Sir David Davidson Of Cantray
  4. Neil & Rhona Gonnella’s Silver Wedding
    Donna’s Wedding March
  5. Strathearn
    The Strathearn Herald
  6. Fil-O-Ro
    Brochan Lom
    Lord MacDonald’s
  7. Bonnie Dundee
    Elliot’s Fancy
    Dundee City Police Pipe Band
  8. Niel Gow’s Farewell To Whisky
    The Beaux Of Oak Hill
    Mrs MacLeod
  9. Ron Gonnella’s Compliments To Jimmy Shand
  10. Flower Of The Quern
    Professor Blackie
    Marie’s Hielan’ Lad
  11. The Provost Of St Vigeans
    The Corner House
  12. Ye Banks And Braes
    The Lime Hill
  13. The Shakkins O’ The Pocky
  14. Sir Torquil Munro
    Elizabeth Donald, Moss-side
    Bill Sutherland
  15. June & Harry Goldenberg’s Air
    Staten Island
  16. Kinrara
    Duke Of Gordon’s Birthday
    The Morayshire’s Farmer’s Club

Five comments

Recorded for the ScotDisc label in 1988. The full titles of each track include prefixes about each set:
1 BBC Echoes
2 Cape Breton Ceilidh
3 Hector MacAndrew Favourites
4 Congratulations All Round
5 Sounds of Strathearn
6 A Touch of Gaelic
7 Bonnie Dundee
8 The Boston Tea Party
9 Jimmy Shand Special
10 The Strathspey King
11 Scottish Dance Music Corner
12 The Canadian Connection
13 Fiddlers Two
14 My Friend Adam Rennie
15 New York, New York
16 The Music of William Marshall

Ron Gonella

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Ron Gonella

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