Fishguard Folk - Paddling to Pwll Deri

By Various Artists

  1. Paddy Fahey’s No. 14
  2. Fare Thee Well (song)
  3. Brough Hill Fair (song)
  4. The Wheels Of The World
    Apples In Winter
  5. After The Goldrush (song)
  6. Paddy’s
    The Winter Garden Quadrille
  7. Eli The Barrowboy (song)
  8. The Rocky Road To Dublin
    The Rakes Of Kildare
  9. Bright Golden Buttons (song)
  10. Blow The Candle Out (song)
  11. Les Poules Huppées
    Le Canal En Octobre
  12. Jock Hume’s Song - Incorporating The Hymn Tune: "Bethany" (song)

Three comments

The Fishguard Folk Festival is held in May!

Erratum. The Fishguard Folk Festival is held in May (NOT in July, as I incorrectly stated above).

Where to obtain this CD? As they commonly say on the TV advertising channels: "Not available in the shops!" At least, I dont think it is.

Contact Bryan Talbot on 01348 875183 or email

Or - if you’re visiting the Tuesday Royal Oak session in Fishguard, Bryan is usually there (except when he’s not!).