Fishguard Folk - On a Sunday

By Various Artists

  1. Jack Broke Da Prison Door
    The Bonnie Isle O’ Whalsay
    Donald Blue
  2. The Butterfly
  3. Yarmouth Town (song)
  4. Nead Na Lachan
  5. Toss The Feathers
  6. The End (song)
  7. The Ballydesmond Polkas
  8. Princesse Accordéon
  9. Go Enlist For A Sailor
    Drowsy Maggie
  10. Paul’s Ha’penny
    The Laurel Bush
    The Mother And Child
  11. Two Magicians (song)
  12. Done Gone
  13. Prettiest Little Girl In The County
  14. The Youngest Daughter
    Joe Cooley’s
  15. Sweeney’s
    Dennis Murphy’s
  16. On A Monday (song)
  17. Shenandoah
  18. Ian Morrison
    The Gravel Walk To Granny’s
  19. Lisa Lân (song)
  20. Dusty Windowsill
  21. The Shepherd’s Daughter
    Jerusalem Ridge
    Michael Kennedy’s
  22. The Holy Ground (song)
  23. O’Neil’s March
    The Chanter’s Song
    June Apples

Five comments

The Fishguard Folk Festival is held in May!

Erratum. The Fishguard Folk Festival is held in May (NOT in July, as I incorrectly stated above).

paddy joyce: “Q. where can CD be got?”

A. As they commonly say on the TV advertising channels: “Not available in the shops!” At least, I dont think so,

Contact Bryan Talbot on 01348 875183 or email

Or - if you’re visiting the Tuesday Royal Oak session in Fishguard, Bryan is usually there (except when he’s not!).

Tune Title notes

Track 1: Listed on the CD just as: “The Shetland Set”.
Track 7: Listed on the CD (incorrectly) as “Bally Desmond’s Polkas”