A Portland Play Along Selection: 97 Contra Dance Tunes for Listening and Learning

By Betsy Branch, Clyde Curley, Susan Songer

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  1. Jamie Allen
  2. The Bottom Of The Punchbowl
    Old Grey Cat
  3. Camp Pleasant
    Sonny Brogan’s
    Fair Jenny’s
  4. Grasshopper Sittin’ On A Sweet Potato Vine
    The 28th Of January
    Buck Mountain
  5. Batchelder’s
    Golden Wedding
    Pacific Slope
  6. The Banks Of The Allan
    The Sailor’s Wife
    Bert Ferguson
  7. Sheehan’s
    Mother’s Delight
    Hand Me Down The Tackle
  8. Democratic Rage
  9. Flat-Footed Henry
  10. Hughie Shorty’s
    The Barrowburn
    Trip To Windsor
  11. Mrs. Monroe’s
    The Grey Buck
    Up The River
  12. Going To The Free State
    Black-Eyed Susie
  13. John Brown’s March
    Johnny, Johnny, Don’t Get Drunk
    Little Dutch Girl
  14. Miller’s Maggot
    Stan Chapman’s
  15. The Steeplechase
    Farrell O’Gara
    George White’s Favorite
  16. Reel De Père Léon
    Reel Saint-Paul
    Reel Eugène
  17. All The Way To Galway
    Doon The Brae
    The Road To Boston
  18. Reel De Pointe-au-Pic
    Quadrille Bouchard Troisième Partie
  19. Indian Ate The Woodchuck
  20. Jeff City
    John Sharp’s
    Ducks On The Pond
  21. 6-8 Du Petit Sarny
  22. Horace Hanesworth
    Paddy On A Handcar
  23. The Rose In The Heather
    Out On The Ocean
    The Rambling Pitchfork
  24. Reel Semeur
    Marie Sauce Ton Pain
    The Telephone Tune
  25. Big Scioty
    Twin Sisters
    Piney Woods Gal
  26. The Cordal
    The Orphan
    Cuil Aodha
  27. The Gale
    Devil’s Churn
  28. Reel Du Père Bruneau
    Le Diable Vert
    Reel Béloeil
  29. The Reel Of Mullinavat
    The Scholar
    The Old Copperplate
  30. Bumblebee In A Jug
    Crockett’s Honeymoon
    Brushy Run
  31. Road To California
    Boswell’s Fancy
    Sackett’s Harbor
  32. Irishman’s Heart To The Ladies
    Mug Of Brown Ale
  33. Dick Gossip’s
    Tom Morrison’s
    Lady Ann Montgomery
  34. Séan Ryan’s
    Up Sligo
    Foot To The Ground
  35. Turkey In The Peapatch
    Stay All Night
    Moses, Hoe The Corn
  36. Mouth Of The Tobique
  37. Reel Desjarlais
    Reel Saint-Jean
    Père Doiron

Three comments

“A Portland Play Along Selection: 97 Contra Dance Tunes for Listening and Learning” 2 CDs

Betsy Branch - fiddle
Clyde Curley - mandolin, 4-string banjo, fiddle, guitar
Susan Songer - piano

2008, 2 discs / 37 medleys / 97 tunes / 148:15 total time

CD 1 = tracks 1 - 20 (20 tracks, 52 tunes)
CD 2 = tracks 21 - 37 (17 tracks, 45 tunes)

The Portland Collection

“On A Portland Play Along Selection, Betsy Branch, Clyde Curley, and Susan Songer invite musicians to pick up their instruments and play along with this representative cross section of the music in the two tune books published by Songer and Curley, The Portland Collection: Contra Dance Music in the Pacific Northwest (1) and 2. The tunes are individually tracked, even though they are played in medleys. Most of the tunes are played at a moderate tempo with only one lead and one back up instrument at a time. The recording is engineered so that the listener can pan right to hear the melody, pan left to hear the back up, or pan center to hear both together. The first and last sets on each disc are played faster with variations and harmonies to give a feel for how the music would be played at a contra dance. No tunes are duplicated from either of the two previous Portland Collection companion recordings.”

“The Portland Collection: Contra Dance Music in the Pacific Northwest” ~ volumes 1 & 2

http://www.theportlandcollection.com/portland-collection-1-revised-edition/ (revised!)


( & working on 3! )

Apologies if there are any mistakes here, or that I’ve not added a personal note of appreciation, but as yet we haven’t the pleasure of the Portland Collection recordings. We had plans to chase them up during recent visits to North America, they are more affordable there, but more serious distractions kept us busy and in the end we didn’t purchase anything ~ but time with friends, which was priceless… Next time… However, we are both fully behind the heart and effort that went into all this, to share the music and to involve others and to create resources to help towards that community end. So, without question, the people behind them and the results have our blessings. We do have the first two music collections however, “The Portland Collection: Contra Dance Music in the Pacific Northwest, 1 & 2”, which are valued by us in many ways, which have a lot of old friends in them ~ melodies ~ and people mentioned, associated with, and contributing to these two excellent books.

Thanks for the memories, for which music and dance is an integral part, woven throughout our lives.