Celtic Hotel

By Battlefield Band

  1. Conway’s Farewell
    Andy Renwick’s Ferret
    Short-Coated Mary
  2. Seacoalers
  3. Return To Kashmagiro
    The Cuddy With The Wooden Leg
  4. Jock The Can
  5. The Rovin’ Dies Hard
  6. Muineira Sul Sacrato Della Chiesa
    Hyo Y Frwynen
    E Kostez An Henbont
  7. The Celtic Hotel
  8. The Left-Handed Fiddler
    The Floating Crowbar
    The Ships Are Sailing
    Lucy Campbell
    June Apples
  9. We Work The Black Seam
  10. The Tail O’ The Bank
  11. Togail Curs Air Leodhas
  12. Cran Tara
    Madadh Ruadh

Five comments

One of Many

In my opinion, Battlefield Band are by far the best and most consistent trad/folk band from Scotland. Although the line-up has gone through numerous changes, they still manage to excite and provoke with their fiery music and songs with a social conscience. This is a great CD but there are others in their portfolio that are even better.

Not my favourite band

I’d have to respectfully disagree with you there.

When I last saw the Battlefield Band play a gig, they were half great and half awful. The great half was the fiddler and piper. As for the other half with the dodgy keyboard sounds… not my cup of tea of all, I’m afraid.

As you say, they’ve gone through many, many line-up changes and I know that they used to be great.

Personally speaking, I’d the Old Blind Dogs ove the Battlefield Band any day. Now there’s an awesome Scottish band…

Old Blind Dogs

I’ll have to follow that one up, haven’t yet heard them play. I know what you mean about Alan Reid’s idiosyncrasies on the keyboard but to me that’s what set’s them apart from the usual fayre.

Re: Celtic Hotel

Hi Kenny
Fresh from chatting to you yesterday we were going through some old tunes that Sam had learned at the Willie Clancy week and it occurred to me that Battlefield Band had got the tune name wrong in their track listing and came here to point that out - only to find you had noticed it 6 years ago. You can see where they made the mistake - the first few notes are the same and then it goes off in the wrong direction.