Folktrax-375: Mason’s Apron - The Belfast Fiddle Sessions

By Tom Turkington, Sean Maguire, Sean Maguire Senior, Liam Donnelly, Bill Montgomery

  1. The Red Haired Boy
  2. The Devil Among The Tailors
  3. The Mason’s Apron
  4. The Laird Of Drumblair
  5. Rodney’s Glory
  6. Three Sea Captains
  7. David’s Delight
  8. Over The Hills To Monrush
  9. Smith’s Favourite
    Tailor’s Twist
  10. Blackbird
  11. Reavey’s
    Roaring Mary
  12. Haste To The Wedding
    Astley’s Ride
    The German Beau
  13. The Banks
  14. The Foxhunter’s
  15. Sailors Bonnet
    Kiss The Bride
    Roaring Mary
  16. Bashful Bachelor
    Showman’s Fancy
  17. Flax In Bloom
    Dairy Maid
  18. The Sligo Maid
  19. Boys Of The Lough
  20. Tobin’s Favourite
  21. Planxty Drury

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Ftx-375 - The Mason’s Apron - Belfast Fiddle Session

Tom TURKINGTON, Sean MAGUIRE, his father, Sean Senior, Liam DONNELLY, and Bill MONTGOMERY are the fiddlers.


4 - "The Laird Of Drumblair"
9 - "The Tailor’s Twist"
13 - "The Banks"
14 - "Foxhunter’s" - 50/50 whether it connects to the reel or 9/8 slip jig.
16 - "The Bashful Bachelor"
17 - "The Flax In Bloom"
18 - "Reavey’s" - could be any of them. Bit of a lottery which one it would connect to.

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I tried to to spell it like on the recording….

Fair enough, "swisspiper" - the mistakes weren’t yours, but quite often typographical errors on recording sleeves are fairly obvious. I’ve heard of the Maguires and Turkington, but did any sleeve notes with this recording have any information about the other two players ?

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