By Treacherous Orchestra

  1. Overture
  2. March Of The Troutsmen
  3. Sheepskins Beeswax
    Taybank Shenanigans
  4. Wade On The Watter
    Look East
  5. Prelude
  6. Sea Of Clouds
    Mare Nubium
  7. Sea Of Okhotsk
  8. Easter Island
  9. Ben Williams Of Tiree
    Garry Porch Of Avernish
    Phit Dae A Dae?
    Maverick Angels

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Re: Origins

The third track incorrectly listed its third tune as Superfly, I updated it to be Eroticon VI. If I’m actually wrong about that, someone let me know

Re: Origins

Odd. I can’t remember what my reason was for thinking the tune was wrong. I’ve never even listened to this album. How do you delete comments on this site lol?

Re: Origins

" I’ve never even listened to this album." So, a)- why did you post it, if you didn’t know anything about the music on it, and b) - how did you come to make that statement above, a year ago ? Genuinely curious.

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