Different Game

By Lissa Schneckenburger

  1. Different Game
    The Silver Spear
  2. Boulder Creek
    Bear Island
    The Limmerickian
  3. Time Will End
  4. Like The Snow
  5. The Teetotaler’s
    Molly McGuire’s
  6. Salvation
    The Derry
  7. Sleepy Eyes
  8. Aren’s
    The Rocky Road To Greenfield
    Christmas Eve
  9. Two Rivers
  10. The Wind That Shakes The Barley
    Drowsy Maggie
  11. The Butterfly
  12. Hipper Than Hip
    Hughie Shortie’s
  13. Charles River

One comment

Different Game

"Lissa Schneckenburger’s CD ‘Different Game’ is a knockout! A tasty selection of traditional and original material that is well worth listening to. Lissa’s fiddling is artful, skillful, inventive and full of feeling. I had to listen again and again."
— jay ungar

Different Game (Lissa) / Silver Spear
Boulder Creek (Lissa) / Bear Island / The Limmerickian (Lissa)
Time Will End (Jeremiah McLane)
Like the Snow (Kristin Andrews)
Teetotaler’s (Temperance) Reel / Molly McGuire’s (Popcorn)
Salvation (Simon Bradley) / The Derry Reel
Sleepy Eyes (Mark Simos)
Aren’s Jig (Lissa) / The Rockey Road to Greenfield (Michael Kerry) / Christmas Eve (Tommy Coen)
Two Rivers (Larry Ungar, arr. Lissa)
The Wind that Shakes the Barley / Drowsy Maggie
The Butterfly
Hipper than Hip (Lissa) / Hapenney Reel / Hughie Shorty’s Reel (Johnny Wilmot)
Charles River (Lissa)


Hanneke Cassel (fiddle), Flynn Cohen (guitar), Laura Cortese (vocals), Rushad Eggleston (cello), Brian Hanlon (bodhran), Stuart Kenney (upright bass), Michael Kerry (guitar), Eric Merrill (viola), Keith Murphy (guitar & vocals), Laura Risk (fiddle) & Mark Simos (guitar)