New Road

By Leonard Barry

Four comments


A superb second album from Leonard Barry. With John Carty (banjo), Rick Epping (harmonica and concertina), Seamie O’Dowd (guitar), Cathy Jordan (bodhran), Conor Byrne (flute), Andy Morrow (fiddle), Tony Byrne (guitar), Cyril O’Donoghue (bouzouki) and Tony O’Connell (concertina).
If you’re looking for a piping album that’s well balanced, with masterful playing, you wont be disappointed.

The New Road

Quite an enjoyable mew piping album from Lenoard Barry. Technically great pipering from Lenoard but rather poor rhythmically. A common problem with many new releases. Some nice tunes here but overall nothing really outstanding in my opinion. It is an album well worth a listen but won’t have you rushing back for the replay button. If you like good solid rhymthic music then this isn’t for you. But overall a good album in the modern sense.

2 stars

The New Road

Thoroughly enjoying this CD. Not sure what rhythm Tradmadguy is looking for as I’ve been replaying this for the last few weeks. We can all be critical of output from musicians but this has a nice easy style, not over complicated but with enough flourish to have you trying it out yourself.