Just Harp

By Laoise Kelly

  1. Compliments To Sean Maguire
    The Saratoga
    President Garfield’s
  2. Clementi’s Andante
    Daithi Sproule’s
  3. Tyrell’s Pass
    The Coolinarne
    The Lisnagun
  4. The Coast Of Galicia
  5. Lion
    The Palm Tree
    The Hughie Jim Paul’s
  6. The Two William Davises
    The Gates Of Mullagh
  7. Putting It Off
  8. Yellow Wattle
    The Trip To London
    The Trip To Brittany
  9. Princess Beatrice
    Dowd’s Favourite
  10. Surely Wee Och Aye
    Charles Sutherland
    The Cambridge
  11. O’Carolan’s Farewell To Music

One comment

Rare CD

Not too many solo harp recordings out there, this is one of the best. Laoise Kelly from Sligo, better known as the harpist from the group the Bumblebees plays just harp (hence the title) on this CD. Many of the tunes aren’t that widely known, and Laoise brings a freshness and rhythmicality to the harp that is seldom heard.