Setting Free

By Tola Custy And Cyril O’Donoghue

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  1. The Broken Pledge
    Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie
  2. Sagart Na mBuataisi
    The Three Little Drummers
  3. Farewell To Fuinery
  4. Sleepless
    The Sunshine
  5. John Brown’s
    Abe’s Retreat
  6. England’s Motorway
    Waltz Genevieve
  7. There Is A Fountain
  8. Caisleán An Óir
    P.J. Hayes’
  9. The Bright Side Of The Moon
  10. Ellis
    The Flowers Of Antrim
  11. Tim Moloney’s
    John Kelly’s
    The Tattie Ball
  12. Setting Free
  13. Four Pence A Day
  14. The Long Riders
    The Parting
  15. Thunder Head
    Love At The Ending
  16. The Clicking Chickens
    The Chickens Clicking

Four comments

An interesting Mix

Players are:

Tola Custy - Fiddle
Cyril O’Donoghue - Vocals/Bouzouki/Guitar
James Duddy - Bodhran/Percussion
Cathy Custy - Concertina
Frances Custy - Fiddle
Paul O’Donoghue - Guitar

When I heard the first track I was instantly transported back to my memory of the first time I heard Promenade (Kevin Burke And M

Great set

They do a storming rendition of The Broken Pledge into Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie - worth the price of the CD alone, in my opinion.

Track 10 is The Whistling Postman/Josie’s Visit

one of my all time favourite albums