Harmony Hill

By Dervish

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Dervish haven’t provided a full track listing with (at least) the latest copies produced which have been digitally remastered. I was sure I saw an older version of the CD liner notes which did give a tune-by-tune listing. If anyone has this and I’ve made mistakes, drop me a line and I’ll edit it.

This used to be my favourite trad album when I was listening to it loads, but then my tape of it got recorded over and I’ve only recently bought the CD and started listening to it again. It’s obvious to me now how much Dervish have come on in the last decade (now I’m more familiar with their more recent albums) - the general quality of their albums I think has improved I think, despite the fact that this album is also excellent and has some great tunes. I especially like the first couple of tracks. Those slides in the last track sound almost as if they are being played as reels to me - very different from Dervish’s more recent approach to slides.

A reel called Paddy O’Brien’s is included in the track listing for the Sandmount/Virginia set, but the actual recording only has 2 distinct tunes. Where did Paddy O’Brien’s go I wonder???

And also they’ve called the whole set in track 6 "The Green Mountain". The Green Mountain that I know isn’t in the set, but I thought it was possible that the last tune - an Irish version of the Shetland tune "Donald Blue" - gets called "The Green Mountain". Can anyone shed any light on this?

C jig

…And does anyone know the name of the jig in C on track 8 which goes |cGE cGE|EDE Ced|cGE cGE|Ddd d…

The Green Mountain

Dow, I believe that the Green Mountain is really:

Up against the Buachalawns
Siobhan O’Donnell’s
Johnny Henry’s Favourite

I’ve heard of a reel in D called "John Henry’s" but that’s a different tune. Never heard of "Johnny Henry’s Favourite" - it really sounds like "Donald Blue" to me, but I’ll take your word for it. Have you got a proper track listing for this?

I’ve got the same cover as you I reckon, though www.irishtune.info gives "Johnny Henry’s Favourite" as also appearing on John Creaven’s album (though he may have got the tune from Dervish as the album was only brought out last year).

I don’t know Johnny Henry myself but I wouldn’t mind betting his favourite tune is Donald Blue (or something very similar).

Thanks for the info!

Dervish - Fair maids

Does anybody know which is the tune in this song?

Dervish-Apples in Winter set-second tune


Can anyone tell me the name of the second tune on Dervish’s Apples in Winter set? I am listening to them live on WGBH.org and they play that set of tunes, but dont mention the names.


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Re: Dervish-Apples in Winter set-second tune


see https://thesession.org/recordings/213
( I’am not familier with the track, "Chicago" might be the tune your looking for ? )

Tho the only Chicago I know is a reel


Re: Dervish-Apples in Winter set-second tune

The Apples In Winter set isn’t on that album, Pat, it’s on here, first set: https://thesession.org/recordings/449. It’s the Whinny Hills Of Leitrim, or Leitrim Town.

The third jig od the Apple in WInter set


The list indicates the name "Tom Billy’s", and refers to a different tune well known as Tom Billy’s, and popularized by de Dannan. If this name is somehow correct, I suggest to change it to Tom Billy’s #2. I have made a transcription of this tune that can be played either in ador or in bdor like Dervish does.

T:Tom Billy’s #2
D:Dervish - Harmony Hill - track #1
N:3rd of the Apple in Winter set
d|:eAA gAA|edB BAB|GGG BGB|def gfg|
eAA gAA|edB BAB|GBd gfg|edB ABd:||
z|:"Am"z3 z3|z3 z3|"G"z3 z3|z3 z3|
"Am"z3 z3|z3 z3|"G"z3 z3|z3 "Am"z3:||
e2a age|aaa age|ggg gdB|GBd gfg|
eaa eaa|dgg dgg|edB gfg|edB ABd:||
"Am"z3 z3|z3 z3|"G"z3 z3|z3 z3|
"Am"z3 z3|"G"z3 z3|"Em"z3 z3|z3 "Am"z3:||

or could it be a version of Apples in Winter in Bdor, as suggested by the title ?

Search the tunes section properly and you’ll find your answer