Shadows On Stone

By Matt Molloy

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Shadows On Stone

My first thought when i played this album was that this is a kinder, gentler, almost new-agey Matt Molloy. There’s vibrato, there’s Chinese music, there’s enviromentally themed music, there’s a didgeridoo, for Pat’s sake!

Then, as always, i just got completely amazed by the beauty of M.M.’s sound, the perfection of his technique, his impeccable taste.

There’s plenty of trad music there too, including a great Mason’s Apron.

It’s hard to choose a favourite track, but “The Wind In The Woods” is great, as is the bone-shilling “Banshee”. And a great surprise, Irish-style scat (called lilting), in Garret Barry’s Jig.

This is a great Mat Molloy album that won’t get you thrown out of the house when you play it.

Shadows on Stone

This is a great album if one is looking for the B-Flat flute in it’s perfect form. Molloy handles everything he plays with his usual skill and arrangment, but I especially enjoy Fig for a Kiss/Poll Ha’ Penny/Merry Sisters and The Banshee. This album is one of the best examples of Matt’s playing in all its many forms and styles.

Shadows On Stone

Just got this album lately. Lovely!

The Wind in the woods sounds like a silver flute track?

Mulvihill’s jig

Lots of good stuff on this album, my favourites keep changing but I really like Mulvihill’s and Wallop the spot. The link here for Mulvihill’s goes to another tune entirely, does anyone know it by another name? I love the two reels at the end too with Frankie Gavin. Didn’t know there even was a B flat flute until now!

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Music of the Seals

Does anyone know what the first slow reel is in the Music of the Seals set? I played it in a session (transposed to G), but couldn’t put a name to it for anyone.

Music of the Seals

Can anyone help me out with the first tune after the slow air that starts the Music of Seals (Track 9)? It starts

B2BG AGEF G2Bd edgd

although that might not be quite right.

To answer my own question (thanks to C&F):

T:Seal-Hunter’s Fling, The
G2Bd edgd|B2BG AGEA|G2Bd edgd|B2BG A2G2:|

I’ll add it and link.

Finbar Dwyers

Obviously, the default tune is not the one on the album since on the album Finbar dwyers is a reel. Does any one know which Finbar Dwyers is with The Skylark?

Music of the Seals

On Matt Molloy’s ‘Shadows on the Stone’ album does anyone know the name of the air he plays before the seal hunter’s fling.

Track 13, 2nd tune ~ “The Sligo Polka” = “The Killavil Postman”

Adjusted so it will link to the transcription on site…

Re: Shadows On Stone

How come Matt Molloy’s sound is so good. I am not talking about his impeccable tone “in the room”, but the audio production and engineering , makes his CD’s and old Vinyl sound out of this world.

Anyone know how the studios achieve that ?
Shadow’s on Stone, Heathery Breeze especially, its an awsome flute sound, IMO outstripping other great flute records.