Fiddle Duet

By Andy McGann And Paddy Reynolds

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  1. The Street Player
    The Hunter’s House
  2. Behind The Bush In The Garden
    Jimmy Ward’s
  3. The Musical Priest
    The Sailor On The Rock
  4. Barney Brannigan
    Ride A Mile
  5. The Green Fields Of Rosbeigh
    Reedy Johnson’s
  6. Flaherty’s
    Off To California
  7. Glencolmcille
    Ah, Surely
  8. The Golden Keyboard
    Kiss Me Kate
  9. Joe Derrane’s
    The Tempest
  10. Miller Of Heirn
    Stirling Castle
    Duncan Davidson
    Laird O’Drumblair
    Scott Skinner’s
  11. The Tailor’s Twist
    Callanan’s Retreat
  12. The Belles Of Tipperary
    Col. Rodney’s
  13. Gillian’s Apples
    Father Hanley’s
  14. The Mountain Road
    Pretty Peggy

Nine comments

the 2nd reavy tune is hunter’s house

the first Reavy tune is “The Street Player”.

The link to the Kerry on track 5 is wrong. It is the Green Fields of Rossbeigh, a reel.

Fiddle Duets by Andy McGann And Paddy Reynolds

If the tune in track 10 can be changed to “Duncan Davidson” it will correctly link to a transcription of this tune.

Re: Fiddle Duets

Anyone know if this was recorded live? I swear I can hear people murmuring in the background, happens almost 2 - 3 times if not more per track. I find it kind of distracting. This only seems to happen with earphones plugged in, without earphones these murmurs appear nonexistent and are simply being amplified by the earphones.

Here is a link to one of the tracks on YouTube where the sound can be heard within the first 30 seconds.

Re: Fiddle Duets

It’s Andy McGann mumbling, listen to the album he did with Paul Brady, same thing. Guess it’s just a thing he did when he played.

Re: Fiddle Duet

1976 release on Shanachie.

The LP comes with a card insert which includes notation of eight of the tunes.

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Re: Fiddle Duet

Gillian’s Apples - the first jig on Track 13 that McGann and Reynolds play, is the 4-part setting of the tune which is listed on this site as “Gillian’s Apples in Winter” and not the 2 part setting that links to “Humours of Drinagh.” It is the same version of the tune that Matt Molloy and Sean Keane play on “Contentment Is Wealth.” McGann / Reynolds with Paul Brady on guitar really bring out the best on this tune!