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  1. The Braes Of Mellinish
    The Poetic Milkman
    The Milkman’s Bridge
    Ray Anderson
  2. Hi Ho Ro Tha Mi Duilich
  3. I Am Proud To Play A Pipe
  4. Forvie Sands
  5. The Orangedale Whistle
    Orangedale Instrumentals
  6. Dookin For Beetroot
    The Bowmore Fair
    Fiona MacLeod
  7. Bha Mise Raoir Air An Àirigh
  8. The Dudes Of Hazzard
    Monday Night At Riccardo’s
  9. The Seven Men Of Knoydart
    The Seven Men Instrumentals
  10. The Old Hill
    Peter MacCrimmon’s
    Seana Bheinn
    Dr McInnes’ Fancy

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Megan Henderson: Fiddle/Lead Vocals (tracks 2 & 7 )/Backing Vocals
James Lindsay: Double Bass/Backing Vocals
Calum MacCrimmon: Bagpipe/Whistles/Bouzouki/Lead Vocal (track 5)/Backing Vocals
James Duncan MacKenzie: Bagpipe/Flutes/Backing Vocals
Ewan Robertson: Guitar/Cajon/Lead Vocal (track 9)/Backing Vocals

In June of 2013 the band toured Scotland and visited each of their 5 hometowns for a very special night of music. During the visits the band were able to meet with local tradition bearers, friends and family to source songs and melodies for this release. ‘Ùrlar’ is centered firmly around community and is undoubtedly the bands most diverse undertaking which has gained further inspiration and direction under the production of multi-instrumentalist and award-winning singer Kris Drever (Lau)


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Re: Ùrlar

Great album! Normally it’s the tune sets that I like best, but the highlight on this one for me is the song The Orangedale Whistle.