By Anxo Lorenzo

  1. Tirán
  2. Road To Errogie
  3. La Partida
  4. The Humours Of Tulla
    Alick C. Mac Gregor
    Antrin Rose
  5. Ivory Lady
  6. Areeiras (de Cantoira)
    Pasa Corredoiras 439
  7. Aires De Pontevedra
  8. A Bruxa
  9. Spiritu
  10. Alma De Pedra
  11. The Very First Fish

Two comments


Anxo Lorenzo (gaita gallega)
Xosé Liz (guitarra eléctrica y bouzouki)
Begoña Riobó (violín)
Eoghan Neff (violín)
Alvaro Iglesias (contrabajo)
Milla (bodhrán)


Anxo Lorenzo presents his first solo album: "Tirán". Inspired by a long musical journey getting to know a thousand places and tunes shared with musicians of all nationalities. A journey that always commences and concludes in Galicia.

In "Tirán", Anxo Lorenzo takes the pipes and his own skills to their limit demonstrating that everything is possible in music. Produced by Pedro González and accompanied by his band, formed by Xosé Liz (bouzouki), Milla (percussion), Begoña Riobó (violin), Álvaro Iglesias (double bass), and the recent arrival of the Irish fiddle player, Eoghan Neff, the album has 11 tracks that are a mix between composition and tradition from the Galician Rías to the Seas of Ireland. A demonstration of virtuosity and sensibility in equal measure and enhanced by the participation of the famous Northumbrian piper Kathryn Tickell, the strings of Pancho Álvarez and Luis Peixoto, percussion by Roi Adrio, hurdy-gurdy by Anxo Pintos, accordion by Jorge Arribas and the Hindi style group Om/Off.

There is still much to say and discuss in Galician Folk music and now Anxo Lorenzo is having his say. "Tirán" is the genesis of a long musical career for an artist that surprises us with his modesty in light of his genial flair.


1 Tirán 4:30
2 Road To Errogie 3:04
3 La Partida 3:12
4 Suite de Reels 4:13
5 The Ivory Lady 3:31
6 Areeiras/Pasa Corredoiras 439 3:32
7 Aires Hindús de Pontevedra 4:19
8 A Bruxa 4:19
9 Spíritu 1:22
10 Alma de Pedra 3:17
11 The Very First Fish 2:50