Leitrim Equation 3

By Donal Lunny, John Carty & Seamus Begley

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This is the third CD in a series which has evolved from Leitrim County Council’s decision a few years ago to invite well-known musicians to spend time in the county exploring its musical traditions. The previous explorers were Lúnasa and Dervish and the latest are Séamus Begley (voice and accordion), John Carty (fiddle and banjo) and Dónal Lunny (bouzouki and guitar).

Here are some notes on the tracks (for shorthand purposes, I’m using SB, JC and DL to denote their involvement in the recording).

1) Three polkas associated with John McKenna (SB, JC and DL).

2) Uilleann piper Patrick McGovern plays this tune originally found in the Grier collection with JC and DL.

3) Two tunes composed and played by Maurice Lennon (fiddle, viola) with Brian Lennon (flute), JC and DL.

4) Carolan - SB, JC and DL.

5) Both tunes were composed by Alan Reid (banjo) and he’s accompanied by DL.

6) SB (vocals), JC and DL.

7) Tommy Guihen (flute) + SB, JC and DL.

8) JC (tenor guitar) and DL (guitar).

9) The first tune was composed by Rachel McGovern (accordion) who plays on this track with JC and DL.

10) Joe Connolly (vocals) and DL.

11) SB, JC and DL composed ‘Ava’s Lovely Leitrim Smile’ and the second tune is a Peadar O Riada.

12) Both tunes were composed by Joe Liddy. Lisa Ward (fiddle) from Drumshanbo is accompanied by DL.

13) The second tune is a Josie McDermott composition. Tommy Guihen (flute) is accompanied by DL.

14) A song learned by SB at school which has apparent connections with Leitrim. Maurice Lennon plays viola.

15) The second tune is a composition by Francis O’Connor - SB, JC and DL.

16) Both tunes are Joe Liddy compositions - Alan Reid (banjo) plus JC and DL.

17) Ben Lennon (fiddle), Brian Lennon (flute), JC and DL.

18) Three Charlie Lennon tunes and a host of local musicians.

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The Leitrim Equation 3

Yet another very poor offering from Leitrim County Council’s arts program. The fantastic musicians in Leitrim are yet again neglected in favor of 3 very poor substitutes with nothing even resembling Leitrim music. And, even worse, what ever very talented Leitrim musicians they did chose to include are totally destroyed by Lunny’s atrocious butchering of the backing.

So Carty hasn’t a clue about anything that even resembles Leitrim music?

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Michael, I’m not trying to bash Carty here, it was a general comment about how poor the cd is, considering all the wonderful musicians that are playing music in Leitirm today. But, in saying that, If Carty does know anything about Leitrim music, it certainly doesn’t come across on this cd. It’s not his fault that the cd is poor its Leitrim County Council’s fault for putting such a bad "group" together for the project.