Est. 1976

By Allan Henderson

  1. Mrs Ramsay Of Barton
    Nighean Aig A’ Chota Bhuidhe
    Jenny’s Wedding
    Glen & Carl CBC
  2. Farewell My Love And Remember Me
    Maili Dhonn
  3. A Tune For Morag
    Sandra Kirsteen’s
    The Fungus
  4. Kyle To Strathcarron
    The Taransay Fiddle School
  5. Essan Cottage
    Grainne’s Welcome
    The Piper’s Ceilidh
  6. The Irish Gigolo
    The Back Of The Change House
    Cairistiona Caimbeul
  7. Maighread’s Tune
  8. Petticoat Loose
    Donald MacLean
    Islay’s Charms
    The Goatherd
  9. Heading West, Ashburn House
  10. The Wonderful Oban Surrealist
  11. Lochaber Theme
    Bheir An T-soraidh Seo Bhuam
    Lochaber Theme
    In The Braes
    Lochaber Theme
  12. An Cruadal A Bh’ann
    Dugald Gillespie

Three comments

Allan Henderson — Est. 1976

More about the man from Blazin’ Fiddles here:

‘This CD was only supposed to take a month to record, and ended up taking two years from start to finish. In fact, it is at this point that I should maybe offer a word of warning to all ‘would-be’ producers. When I started this project my co-producer, Iain MacDonald, and I were good friends. He is now my brother in law and I am the Godfather of his second child. There is nothing much more to say, other than I hope you enjoy the music.’

Available for purchase here:

From 2004

is what I should have added. Surprised it wasn’t already here.

Re: Est. 1976

This is a wonderful recording, full of great tunes and beautiful, unpretentious, authentic playing.

On my copy of the CD tracks 5 and 6 are the other way round, but in the order given here in the sleeve notes.