The Little Ones

By Maurice Lennon

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Maurice Lennon - solo recording, at last

I was lucky enough to be at the All-Ireland Fleadh in Ennis in 1977, and chance upon an all-night session which included Maurice Lennon, Kieran Hanrahan, Paul Roche - who in the following months formed "Stockton’s Wing" - along with some musicians from the North of Ireland. One of the best sessions I ever heard, and in particular for a couple of reels started off by Maurice Lennon, and he’s been one of my favourite Irish fiddle players ever since. Rarely equalled, and never bettered, IMHO, so I was delighted to see that he’s finally managed to get a solo recording out, which I bought on sight at this year’s Willie Clancy week CD launch.
There are very few musicians I’ve come across whose recording I’d buy if I saw it included such well-known tunes as "Morrison’s", "Willie Coleman’s", "The Frost Is All Over", "The Humours Of Tulla", "Miss McLeod’s", and "The Cup Of Tea", but Maurice is one of them, and I wasn’t disappointed. He also includes a few of his own compositions, including a couple of airs which make reference to some hard times he’s had in his past life, which happily, he seems to have come through.
Long may he continue to make music like this.

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Re: The Little Ones

I would love to have the sheet music for "When Hope Dawns"….such a beautiful tune.