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Cathal Hayden on fiddle and banjo, with Arty McGlynn (guitar), Brian McGrath(keyboards/banjo), Liam Bradley (percussion), Seamus Begley (vocals), Donal Murphy (accordion), and Rod McVey (keyboards). Brilliant album, the best i’ve heard in a while. I think this is even better than "handed down".

two liz carroll tunes

A mate just played me a couple of tunes over the phone this morning from an album of Cathal Hayden’s ( Track 8 - great tunes, and I’d like to learn them… but I don’t know their names (and I don’t have a copy of the album). He said they were by Liz Carroll, but the info here says "Liz O’Carroll’s" which might not be the same thing… On the off chance I can find the music or another version somewhere, anyone know the names of these tunes? [If this kind of request counts as a tune request, then just delete this discussion!]

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I think the 2nd of Liz’s tune is called "The Brocca Reel". I have no name for the 1st.

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Great, thanks!

I have a feeling the first one might just be the reel known as "Liz Carroll’s" (transposed into Bb, according to an album review on the web. If so, I already have both tunes in ABC format. The joys of the electronic age!

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I sent the tunes to the guy who’d played them to me, and he says, yes indeed the second reel is the Brocca reel, but… the first is *not* the reel known as "Liz Carroll’s" (at least not the one on this site). So I’m still on the lookout for the name of that first reel, if anyone can oblige!

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Name that tune…

Help! I’m mad after a Cathal Hayden tune. Its track 4 tune 2 on his Cathal Hayden cd. Would help me sleep


Re: Name that tune…

Hum a wee bit of it there Michael.

Re: Name that tune…

The Dublin Hornpipe ?

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Re: Name that tune…

…or just give us the first 10 notes or so. Would I be right in saying it’s a reel?

Re: Name that tune…

Er yeah good idea Gary! *sheepish* :¬)

Re: Name that tune…

Howdiddley idlldum a dring a dring a howdlup..Hope that helped Conan. Ta Gary it was actually track 5 Mrs Lawries. Happy now

Re: Name that tune…

Sure if you’d hummed it in the first place I could’ve told ye it was Mrs Lawrie’s

See you at Tommy’s wedding?

Re: Name that tune…

Yes Conan it should be a blast


On track 10, does anyone know the name of the third slide played? I’m fairly certain it’s not actually Johnny O’Leary’s…

Johnny O’Leary Slide

It did come from Johnny O’Leary, most likely, but it was called by him "Thadelo’s" (one of several tunes called "Thadelo’s" by O’Leary, after Thadelo - or "Thade" - O’Sullivan, an accordionist from Co Kerry): It has also been called "Tarrant’s" (see O’Leary’s 1977 album ‘Music for the Set’, track 5).


Great, thanks! None of my searching about was proving fruitful.

Track 13, #1

The first tune on track 13, listed as Sean Ryan’s, is indeed by Sean Ryan — the usual name is "The Cedars Of Lebanon".