In Spite Of The Storm

By Téada

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Oisín Mac Diarmada - fiddle
Séamus Begley - vocals
Paul Finn - button accordion
Damien Stenson - flute
Seán Mc Elwain - bouzouki/guitar
Tristan Rosenstock - bodhrán

An Spailspin Fanach

#2 An Spailspin Fanach is a song and at the ending they play this hornpipe
It’s not the reel The West Cork (also named An Spailspin Fanach), that is linked here.

Re: Ainneoin Na Stoirme / In Spite Of The Storm

that first tune of the last set (a reel in G maj), it’s a different tune than from the one linked above (which is a jig), i cant’ seem to find it on this site, or tunepal , any ideas on what tune that it?