The Wandering Minstrels

By All in Good Time

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  1. The Torn Jacket
    College Groves
    Mossy Banks
  2. Grier’s
    Peter Wyper’s
    Kit O’Mahoney’s
  3. Paddy Taylor’s
    The Cook In The Kitchen
    Port Cùil Aodha
  4. Beeswing
  5. Maids Of Mount Cisco
    Fred Finn’s
    Farewell To Milltown Malbay
  6. Sigges Vals
  7. My Darling Asleep
    Hole In The Hedge
    Flowers Of The Burren
  8. Bean Dubh A ‘Gleanna
  9. Little Wings
  10. Four Courts
    Mary McMahon
    The Raveled Hank Of Yarn
  11. Eddie Moloney’s
    Michael Dwyer’s
    The Coming Of Spring
  12. Malai Na GCuach Ni Chulleanain
  13. The Morning Star
    Mullingar Races
    The Mountain Top
  14. Bingsjö Polska
  15. The West Clare
    The Enchanted Lady
    Holy Ground
    The Old Wexford

Two comments

All in Good Time

"All in Good Time" is the name of the Group. The CD is called "The
Wandering Minstrels"

Posted by Carraig