Forgotten Gems

By Peter Carberry and Padraig McGovern

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  1. Joe Kilmurray’s
    Furnill’s Frolic
  2. The Blackbird
    The Chorus
  3. Moll Roe
    Seamus Ennis’ Lark In The Morning
  4. The Road To Town
    Patsy Touhey’s Rip the Calico
    Joe Kilmurray’s
  5. Úirchill A’ Chreagáin
    Youghal Harbour
  6. Byrne’s Mill
    Lough Key
    Gift From The Fairies
  7. Last Night’s Joy
    The Lady’s Cup Of Tea
  8. The Fourth Dragoon
  9. Mickey Doherty’s
    The Strokestown
  10. The Faithful Friend
  11. Squirrel’s Nest
    The Tunes Of The Munster Pipers #160
  12. The Merry Gardener
    Ballymanus Fair
  13. Boy In The Boat
    Ballymagovern Fair
    Éine’s Fancy
  14. Jimmy Dolan’s
    John Joe Gannon’s
  15. The Morning Star
    Cleaning The Henhouse
  16. Strike The Gay Harp
    Will You Come Down To Limerick
    Bumper Squire Jones
  17. The West Wind
    Molly Maguire
  18. The Strayaway Child

Sixteen comments

This CD is a Gem that won’t be forgotten for a long long while.

I first heard these wonderful musicians on a clip some time ago and thought it was wonderful. A perfect blend of instruments. Pure, joyous melody from two musicians at the top of their form. The tunes are uncommon (to my ears) and the settings of the tunes that I do know are unique to them. The recording is uncluttered, crystal clear and perfect. No guitar, bouzouki or bodhran is necessary or wanted. The bass on the accordion is in perfect tune with the drones and regulators of the pipes. As I was playing it now the darling cook in the kitchen asked “Who is that? It’s great! Really great!”
Here is specific information on the tunes:
Peter Carberry said in an interview: “I felt music was being diluted”, adding that it needed to be “taken back” to its roots.
From “Forgotten Gems” by Peter Carberry and Padraig McGovern will be a must have recording. It is simply outstanding music with a flow that seems in sync with your own natural rhythms, drawing you in with it sheer unadorned beauty. It is everything that traditional music should be about.

Excuse me, but there is bouzouki and bodhran on the album so get your facts right and please don’t feel the need to jump in with pre-conceived biases in the future.


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Forgotten gems

A top class album of the best of traditional irish music, Padraig McGovern is surely the best current piper in ireland by far and Peter Carburrys subtle and remarkably tasteful accordion playing is a combination made in Heaven. This must surely be the best album released certainly in well over 20 years.

5 stars and if i could rate it 10 I would.


@MM– Right you are. Séamus O’Kane (Bodhrán) Brian Mooney (Bouzouki) and Sabina McGovern (Harp). So tasteful I hardly noticed.

Notes - fragments from the sleeve notes:

“This recording brings together two of Ireland’s foremost proponents of each instrument, Peter Carberry on accordion from Co. Longford and Padraig McGovern from Co. Leitrim on uilleann pipes. ~

Much research was carried out for this project and the emphasis is on music from the midlands region while there are a few rambles to different parts of the country for good measure. Piping tunes predominate, many learned from old recordings of local masters and some from old music manuscripts and even a few new compositions appear. For this production Peter and Padraig have chosen to play on lower pitched instruments inthe key of B. Peter had his bass retuned to emulate the chords of the pipes’ regulators with the resulting innovative combination producing a hive of harmonies.

~ This is music played with feeling and passion and I hope it brings pleasure to your good ears!“ - Martin Quinn

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Yes! It has and continues to please. I was so glad to see that the ‘flings’, track14, weren’t thrown away in the too usual fashion, jumping into reels. While there’s no single take on a tune I don’t appreciate and enjoy, there is a little bit of brow furrowing and nose wrinkling over the ‘mixed’ Chieftainesque sets, tracks 2, 3, 5, & 11, but especially 5, as, in general, I hate to see airs tossed off by a dance tune finish, but at least it wasn’t into a reel… 😀 I love this recording, and that it is all flat, B! ~ good company again this morning. It’s among those I would give as a gift, with a big smile when a good friend surprised me with it. It’s one of those permanently burned on to our car’s hard drive, I like it that much… 😉

There is one thing very much lacking about this wonderful earful ~ ‘notes’ on the tunes… 🙁

The notes on the tunes are on their website, and linked above by David.

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Duh! 😛 Thanks for the ‘heads up’ Nico, and David for the link, much appreciated. Personally it’s easier for me to have it in hand, possibly something about my weird brain wiring, but there’s nothing stopping me from doing a cut and paste and printing it out ~ Done! ~ and added as an insert to the CD… I’ve been so involved in the tunes, listening and playing, that I only just realized I hadn’t really read these comments, not with full consciousness… 😏 😀

this is the best cd i ve heard in ages,beautiful bounce to the music and gorgeous tunes

This recording is magnificent.

In particular, Peter Carberry (accordion) & Brian Mooney (bouzouki) knock it out of the park on track 10, the hornpipes. Come to think of it, the hornpipes on track 12 are really nice as well. The whole album is pretty much perfect.

Ballymanus fair, track 12

Is this tune in the database at all? The one it’s linked to is a different tune.
I’ve been playing this tune for ages, but I never had a name for it, couldn’t remember where I got it from, nor did I ever hear it played anywhere.
So I was happy to discover it on this wonderful album.

Re: Forgotten Gems

Anyone know where you buy this Album online?