Chris Norman Portraits

By Chris Norman

Added by Javi V .

  1. Beauty, Charming, Fair And Young
    The Languor Of Love
  2. In Dispraise Of Whisky
    How Can We Abstain From Whisky?
    The Favourite Dram
  3. The Haggis
    Catch And Kiss The Romp
    Kissing Is Best Of All
    Keep It Up!
    The Bedding Of The Bride
  4. Valse Frontenac
  5. Reel De Chicoutimi
  6. Reel St. Jean
  7. Reel Eboulement
  8. The English Dance Master, Part I: Lull Me Beyond Thee
  9. An Italian Rant
  10. Dry N’ Dusty
  11. Rochester Schottische
  12. Frosty Morning
  13. Shuffle About
  14. Nova Scotia
  15. Christmas Day I‘ Da Moarnin’
  16. Es Ist Ein Ros’ Entsprungen
  17. Slionar Eubh’agus Iolach
  18. Cape Breton Lullaby I
  19. The Gartan Mother’s Lullaby
  20. Frais Et Gaillard
  21. Suo Gam
  22. Chinkapin Hunting