Hunter’s Moon

By Calum Stewart And Heikki Bourgault

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“Hunter’s Moon” - Calum Stewart & Heikki Bourgault

Recently-released CD by Scottish flute-player, [ and now uilleann-piper ], Calum Stewart, and Heikki Bourgault from Brittany on guitar. This is a superb collection of original compositions and tunes taken from the traditions of Scotland, Ireland and Brittany. The playing is of an extremely high standard throughout, by both musicians. Calum likes to use the keys, and is not at all afraid to venture up into the 3rd octave when it suits him. I don’t know many flute players who would even attempt Scott Skinner’s "Hurricane" and make anywhere near as good a job of it as Calum does at the end of Track 2.
Heikki has to be one of the most sensitive and inventive accompanists around, and the musical understanding between him and Calum is obvious. There’s a great deal of thought gone into the creation of this album.
At a time when most young traditional musicians in Scotland appear to be in groups, it’s a breath of fresh air to be hearing just 2 or 3 instruments - [ flute and pipes are occasionally double-tracked ] - playing music of such high quality and originality.

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Ah, you beat me to it! I was just about to add this on here.

It’s refreshingly different compared to flute players I normally listen to, but fine playing and a very enjoyable album!

Track 7 : Molly put the kettle on

I think there is a mistake on one of the tunes titles : in the track 7, Niel Gow’s wife is not the tune played by Calum Stewart, even if it is the title put on the CD. The right one seems to be "Molly put the kettle on". Thanks Tunepal !