The Crooked Rose

By Stockton’s Wing

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Mike Hanrahan (vocals & Guitar), Maurice Lennon (fiddle), Paul Roche (flute, Tin Whistles & low whistle), Peter Keenan (piano & keyboards), Davey McNevin (banjo & Mandolin).

Re: The Crooked Rose

This album was released about 16 years ago, from some very well-known musicians, yet has only received a single comment!

I see it as an experiment mixing some trad instrumental material with some original pop songs.

I think the experiment failed — the trad material is wonderful and there are some particularly interesting and unusual tunes — take a listen to O’Dea’s jig on the third track. But the pop songs are pretty bad, making the album as a whole difficult to listen to.

I think what I’ll do is make a version of this album for my smart-phone with all the songs in a separate file!

Re: The Crooked Rose

Actually, Piper’s Joy, this was originally issued in 1992.

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Re: The Crooked Rose

That’s right! It was released in 1992, making it now 26 years out!

After listening to it again I was reminded, momas don’t let your trad players grow up to be pop singers!