Rubbish !

By Carty Party

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  1. Killarney Boys Of Pleasure
  2. Over The Hill
    Man Of Aran
  3. Paidin O’Rafferty
    John McHugh’s
  4. The Broken Pledge
    The Graf Spee
  5. The Humours Of Tullycrine
    Mickey Callaghan’s Fancy
  6. The Old
  7. The Lark In The Morning
    The Diplodocus
  8. The Moving Bog
    Larry Redican’s Bow
    Monaghan Twig
  9. My Love Is In America
    The Old Bush
  10. Devaney’s Goat
    Martin Wynne’s No.3

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Tommy Carty and friends

Tommy is a well-known Irish session musician and a great character living in Warnambool, Australia. This live recording has plenty of tasteful tunes played at a nice relaxed pace by some of the best sessions musicians from around Melbourne. You can buy the CD from Tommy at (he might not be checking his email daily).