The Pinery

By Daithi Sproule and Laura MacKenzie

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  1. It Was All For Our Rightful King
  2. Mag McDermott’s
    Dermot McLaughlin’s
  3. Susie Cleland
    The Birks Of Abergeldie
  4. Up The Airy Mountain
    Bill Thomas’
  5. Bonnie Dundee
    Pawky Adam Glen
    Wee Totum Fogg
  6. The Pinery Boy
  7. To Limerick We Will Go
    Woo’d And Married And A’
    I Hae A Wife O’ My Ain
  8. Ah! May The Red Rose
    The Glenfarne
  9. Thios I DTeach An Torraimh
  10. Farewell To Minnesota

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The Pinery by Daithi Sproule and Laura MacKenzie

2009 album on which Daithi Sproule (Rannafast, Donegal) plays guitar, and Laura MacKenzie (St Paul, Minnesota) plays wooden flutes, whistles, smallpipes and concertina.
4) Bill Thomas’ Jig composed by Daithi Sproule
8) The Glenfarne Waltz composed by Daithi Sproule
10) Farewell to Minnesota composed by Daithi Sproule

Er, Nigel, Dáithí’s from Derry.

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The Pinery by Daithi Sproule and Laura MacKenzie

Oh, sorry - I got my info from the sleeve notes which are either wrong (not very likely), or I interpreted them wrong (much more likely):

"[Thios i dTeach an Torraimh]…learnt by Daithi as a teenager in Rannafast, Co Donegal…"