Close Shaved

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By Poppy Seeds

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  1. The Antrim Rose
    The House Of Hamill
    P.J. MacNamara’s
  2. Picking Chestnuts
    Welcome To Mahé
  3. Rove Riley Rove
  4. Mac Moran’s
    The Monk’s
    The Arragh Mountains
  5. Coconut’s Nightmare
    The Flying Weasel
  6. The Poppy Leaf
    The Kilcloon
    In Memory Of Coleman
    Leitrim Lilter
    Living On The 6th Floor
    Fred’s Favourite
  7. Billy Gray
  8. Tom Sullivan’s
    Tir Tairngiri
  9. Jack Palance’s
    Surfcasting In The Night
  10. The Close Shave
  11. Caoineadh Uí Néill
    Paddy Fahey’s
  12. Trip To Mousker
    A Tune For Emily Ball

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Pierre CADORET : flutes
Benoît VOLANT : fiddle
Tom LEMONNIER : guitar
Camille PHILIPPE : vocal, mandolin and guitar

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The Antrim Rose ( Composed By Paddy O’Brien From Co. Offaly )
The House Of Hamill ( Composed By Ed Reavy )
P.J. MacNamara’s
Picking Chestnuts ( Composed By Pierre Cadoret )
Welcome To Mahé ( Composed By Tom Lemonnier )
Rove Riley Rove
Mac Moran’s Jig ( Composed By Jerry Holland )
The Monk’s
The Arragh Mountains ( Composed By Paddy O’Brien From Co. Tipperary )
Coconut’s Nightmare ( Composed By Camille Philippe )
The Flying Weasel ( Composed By Benoît Volant )
The Poppy Leaf
The Kilcloon ( Composed By Joe Liddy )
In Memory Of Coleman ( Composed By Ed Reavy )
Leitrim Lilter ( Composed By Charlie Lennon )
Living On The 6th Floor ( Composed By Pierre Cadoret )
Fred’s Favourite ( Composed By Peter Mohan )
Billy Gray
Tom Sullivan’s
Tir Tairngiri ( Composed By Maire Breatnach )
Nina’s Jig ( Composed By Niall Vallely )
Jack Palance’s ( Composed By Arty McGlynn )
Maeve’s Reel ( Composed By Jim McKillop )
Surfcasting In The Night ( Composed By Jean-Claude Philippe )
The Close Shave
Caoineadh Uì Néill
Paddy Fahey’s ( Composed By Paddy Fahey )
Trip To Mousker ( Composed By Camille Philippe )
Clueless ( Composed By Gordon Duncan )
A Tune For Emily Ball ( Composed By Aidan O’Rourke )

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